X2 Elite Member ICS Opens American Samoa Warehouse

Island Cargo Support are proud to announce the opening of their new warehouse/offices in Pago Pago.

They are located at the following location:

TEL: (684)699-0003
FAX: (684)699-0033

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” Our company provides a logistics network that connects the coral atolls and volcanic islands of the ethnologically divided regions of Oceania: Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia — to the rest of the world. Island Cargo Support (ICS) is different from most logistics companies because as we do not pre-determine the solution for our customers. Shipping to the islands and supporting critical marine spares worldwide requires an “attitude” whereby traditional units of measure for customer satisfaction are not enough. Our company takes the position that “customer satisfaction” means service was average – not worse than expected, but not better either. This is why Island Cargo Support strives to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.”

X2 Elite Member Abdul Aziz Savul & Co Complete the handling of 2 Massive Hitachi Excavators

They completed the complete handling of the shipment which included the Freight Booking, Custom Clearance & Delivery to the CNEE Warehouse.

The shipment consisted of 2 units of The Hitachi EX 200-1 Excavators. They have the following Specifications:

  • Engine Power: 133 PS @2000 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 20,600 kg
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.8 – 1.5 m3

The total weight of both the excavators was a massive 72,000 Kgs. They shipped the huge cargo from Jakarta, Indonesia to Karachi, Pakistan which was a total distance of 5,520 Kms.

About Abdul Aziz Savul & Co. :

Established in the year 1961, SAVUL, headquartered in the commercial hub of Pakistan and the key port city of the region, Karachi, is one of the leading companies engaged in providing complete logistics solutions to leading national and multinational clients. They work continuously to find new avenues of enterprise and develop deeper level of knowledge in the field of Logistics for their clients.

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X2 Elite, Projects, Cold Chain & Critical Member Altius Complete the Misicuni Hydroelectric Project

Altius are known for taking on & completing some amazing Projects. And staying true to tradition they recently completed another big project, “The Misicuni Hydroelectric Project”.

About the Misicuni Hydroelectric Project:

The project will use water from the Misicuni river to supply power, as well as water for human use and irrigation in Cochabamba. The diverted river, in turn, is forecasted to have a peak flow recurrence interval of 50 years. In a first phase, Misicuni will boast 80 MW and could increase to 120 MW at a later stage.

Project Details:

The experts at Altius successfully executed the Ocean & Ground transportation of two of the main key parts for the Misicuni Hydroelectric Project plant that is located in Bolivia. The plant is located about 35 Kms. northwest of the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

They completed the move of the Rotor – 88/m3 , which weighed a total of 66 tons, and also the stator – 72/m3 which weighed a total of 77 tons. Thereby making gross weight of the shipment an astonishing 143 Tons.

The move was completed for one of their main clients – Indar Electric S.L. INDAR, founded in 1940, is a world leader in rotating electrical machines: motors, generators, and submersible pumps and motors.

Complying with the schedule, both the rotor & the stator were received in Bilbao, Spain on April 2017 by Altius Bilbao. It was then shipped to the port of Destination which was Africa. After which Team Altius Bolivia unloaded the cargo & Delivered it to the plant site in Cochabamba.

About Altius:

Altius is part of DAVILA GROUP which was founded in 1917. They are a reliable partner in the supply chain management. A 100% Spanish company, with a Think Global, Act Local philosophy. They aim to be at the forefront of international transport in Spain by always reaching for excellence and providing their clients with real solutions at the least possible cost. 

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X2 Elite, Projects & Cold Chain Member Load Line, Morocco recently completed the move of 5 Pieces of Crane Sections, Root Sections & Black Mast sections.

They loaded all the sections onto a MAFI Transport Systeme.

A unique aspect of this move were the huge dimensions of all the sections, as listed below:

  • 6600 (l) x 2980 (w) x 3000 (h).Weight 14 ton


  • Intermediate 6m section 6230 x 2570 x 2300mm. Weight 2.4ton


  • Intermediate 12m section 12230 x 2570 x 2300mm. Weight 4.8ton


  • Mast Point  6850 x 2570 x 2600mm. Weight 6.3ton


  • The root section 5830 x 2570 x 2580 mm. Weight 8.5ton

This brought the Gross weight of the cargo a massive 36 Tons. The cargo was moved a total distance 2,655 kms from Antwerp, Belgium to Casablanca. Where it was to be delivered at the SAFI Port.

The experts at LoadLine handled this shipment smoothly with no problems.

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X2 Elite Member Farasoobar handle a Massive Project Shipment of  58 tons.

The experts at Farasoobar expertly handled the shipment of a Huge Transformer including all its relevant parts with a gross weight of 58 tons. The cargo had the following dimensions: 7 x 3.15 x 3.50

They handled this specific project shipment for the Rafsanjan Special economic zone. Rafsanjan is a city in and the capital of Rafsanjan County, Kerman Province, Iran.

The massive transformer was transported from Bandar Abbas to Rafsanjan Sez which is a total of 360 kms.

These professionals delivered the transformer to the client well on time & by doing so, adding another happy customer to their list.

About Farasoobar:

Established in 2005 , they pride themselves in providing a professional , cost effective and personal service to their customers. 


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X2 Members TRS International & P.T Senator Complete OOG shipment

The Shipment was handled as an On-going Project for General Electric (GE) in Switzerland.

The shipment was initially handled by the experts at TRS International & then later sent to P.T Senator International in Jakarta. The shipment 2 crates OOG (Out Of Gauge) on 1 x 40 Flat and 1 x 40’HC. It weighed a total of 9280 Kgs. Out of gauge dimensions of the flat rack:468x243x280 cm (OW/OH) and 398x224x302 cm (OH). This was all loaded by TRS International in Switzerland via. Barge and then sent to Antwerp. The Shipment was then sent to Jakarta from there.

A major challenge faced by the team at TRS was that they were only contacted 2 days prior to the intended loading date. Making it an extremely time sensitive project. They had to immediately pick up & store the crates in a different warehouse location in order to fulfill the pick up date. At the same time they had to wait for the empty equipment to be positioned at the port

But these experts tackled these challenges head on & finished the shipment on schedule.

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X2 Elite Members Meerland Ltd. on behalf of X2 Elite & Projects Member Lantia Maritima S.L. arranged the pick up, loading, handling & the forwarding of 1,152 meters of Steel Sheets in Odessa Port on BK Terminal

There were many parties that were involved in the operation including CMA CGM line, Brooklyn Kiev terminal, stevedores, surveyors and shipper’s agent.

All the related actions were arranged & done in accordance with instructions from Lantia Maritima.

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X2 Elite Member Cargolandia Ship a beautiful Ferrari California

The experts at Cargolandia recently shipped a beautiful Ferrari California from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon to Miami, U.S.A. That is a total of 6,667 Kms. The Ferrari weighed a total of 1820 Kgs. 

The Ferrari California is a grand touring sports car produced by the Italian manufacturer Ferrari. It is a two-door 2+2 hardtop convertible. When originally released, the California was powered by a front-mid mounted naturally aspirated 4.3-litre V8, in 2014 Ferrari introduced the second generation of the model, named California T and using a new twin-turbo 3.9-litre V8. The car revives the name used on the late-1950s Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California and the 1960s 365 California. 

The Cargolandia team did not face any problems in delivering the car on time to their Client. 

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X2 Member Global Shipping Services complete Urgent Air Cargo of Oil Field Equipment

The experts at Global Shipping Services were recently contracted by a major Oil and Gas supplier. They were tasked to find best solutions and fastest transit times for a large airfreight. The airfreight consisted of 11 pieces. Weighing a massive total of 36,500 kgs ( 80,470 lbs)  of Blow out Preventers (BOP) parts & stands. The cargo was urgently required in Cairo, Egypt. 

Hence the G.S.S Houston project team had to send the cargo from Houston, U.S.A to Cairo, Egypt. Which is a total distance of 7000 Miles. 

Challenges Faced:

Even though the Global Shipping Services team knew the carriers prior as they handle large volumes of cargo into Egypt for their client. All the carriers were booked 3 weeks in advance. 

Hence to overcome this challenge, the team used their personal contacts & relationships. Remarkably they were able to get some space allocated on 1 flight with Cargolux. And also one connecting flight from Luxembourg to Cairo. All the other carriers needed multiple flights to uplift out of Houston Airport. 

A representative from the Houston team had this to say: 

“A major problem we face nowadays is finding solutions to manage the business. With airlines cutting back on the numbers of flights & the Breakbulk market struggling along. It is a challenging time for everyone. We just have to work smarter & find better solutions for our customers. “

Once they had agreed on the airfreight schedule they faced another obstacle. They had to get the Cargo skidding & get it ready in time to fly to meet the flight. As a result of it being the Memorial Weekend Holiday, it was a very short week. But this did not prove a challenge at all as the cargo was skidded in less than a day. All credit goes to the G.S.S export packing crew.

In today’s market, it is all about customer service & responsiveness. Also how one resolves tasks that are set by demanding clients. Keeping this in mind the G.S.S team responded & added another happy customer to their collection. 

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Global Shipping Services is a worldwide freight forwarder providing a wide range of services to support your shipping needs. For over 10 years they have been a leader in the shipping industry. Providing complete logistics solutions from domestic trucking and international air and ocean shipping to warehousing services. 



X2 Elite Member Woodland Group recently received their first set of brand new trucks & boy are they beautiful! 

Following its recent rebrand and the unveiling of its new website. Woodland Group is proud to introduce the first set of newly branded trucks at their Headquarters in Chelmsford.

Featuring their new brand colours of contrasting, striking blues in their signature chevron design across the sides, back and front. The new trucks will be sure to get recognised on their journeys across Europe and the UK. 

Woodland Group’s tagline “WE DELIVER” takes a prominent spot on both sides. Highlighting their commitment to their people. Their innovative approach and dedication to finding personalised solutions for their customers.  

About the trucks:

Their new truck liveries proudly display their company ethos which is “We care, we connect, we deliver“. They encourage everyone to head to their website and social media pages to find out exactly how this personal approach can benefit you & your businesses. The modern look of the new trucks is a great representation of Woodland’s continued dedication to finding innovative solutions. Also integrating the latest in technical support and committing to the changing needs of their customers.

They see this as a great opportunity to really present their company’s DNA to the world. Also with more and more of their trucks featuring the new look and feel on their travels. They hope to have a chance to engage not only with old and new customers alike but also with their extended Woodland Group family.

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Check out their New Website here

“At Woodland Group, we recognise the ever changing needs of our customers. Our global network, wealth of experience, local knowledge, innovative approach enables us to find successful solutions for you & your business.” As a result