X2 Elite Member C.T.I Spa complete Flat Rack Shipment 

The C.T.I Spa Team, being experts in similar such shipments as they perform them regularly for their clients in Morocco and Egypt, had no problems in completing this Flat Rack Shipment.  

This particular shipment was for

2 x 40′ Open Top (In-Gauge) 

1 x 40′ flat rack 

The cargo was collected by a low bed truck. After which it was stuffed in Genova Incl. & later covered. 

The cargo being shipped were machining centers with 3 pieces in total weighing a massive 25 tons in total. 

Each of the 3 pieces had the following dimentions: 




The cargo was to be shipped from the port of Genova & is to be unloaded at The Old Port of Alexandria. Which is a total distance of 3,540 kms. 


About the Company: 

The CTI SpA Group was founded in 1997 and has been rapidly evolving since, thanks to the experience of the founding members and the competence of the operating personnel. Today C.T.I Spa is the household name as an ideal partner for Italian & foreign companies.

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