X2 Elite & Cold Chain Member Altius Bilbao Complete Massive Heavylift in Spain

The experts at Altius completed the move from Gijon to Algeciras, a total of 980 Kms. This included the preloading & monitoring of the cargo. The cargo consisted of different pressure vessels & heavy lift items destined for the revamping of a refinery terminal on the south of Spain. There were 7 items shipped, the heaviest of which weighed an astonishing 110 Tons and was 62 m long. 

Before the loading of the cargo commenced, the cargo spaces on board underwent thorough inspection. When all the spaces were found suitable to load, the loading commenced. 

The securing of the cargo & lashing on board was performed according to the securing arrangement plans that was originally issued by the Ship owner before the Ship’s calling. 

Keeping in mind the size of the shipments ( View the gallery below) , the experts at Altius were able to complete the move, well on schedule and added another amazing case study to their name. 

About the Company: 

Altius is part of DAVILA GROUP which was founded in 1917. We are a reliable partner in Supply Chain Management. A 100% Spanish company, with a Global Vision and a local action philosophy. We lend FLEXIBILITY, CREATIVITY AND RELIABILITY to the wide range of services we offer. Add to this the convenience of belonging to the established, financially sound Davila Group. Our aim is to be at the forefront of international transport in Spain by always reaching for excellence and providing our clients with real solutions at the least possible cost.

Check out the gallery below: