X2 Member Global Shipping Services complete Urgent Air Cargo of Oil Field Equipment

The experts at Global Shipping Services were recently contracted by a major Oil and Gas supplier. They were tasked to find best solutions and fastest transit times for a large airfreight. The airfreight consisted of 11 pieces. Weighing a massive total of 36,500 kgs ( 80,470 lbs)  of Blow out Preventers (BOP) parts & stands. The cargo was urgently required in Cairo, Egypt. 

Hence the G.S.S Houston project team had to send the cargo from Houston, U.S.A to Cairo, Egypt. Which is a total distance of 7000 Miles. 

Challenges Faced:

Even though the Global Shipping Services team knew the carriers prior as they handle large volumes of cargo into Egypt for their client. All the carriers were booked 3 weeks in advance. 

Hence to overcome this challenge, the team used their personal contacts & relationships. Remarkably they were able to get some space allocated on 1 flight with Cargolux. And also one connecting flight from Luxembourg to Cairo. All the other carriers needed multiple flights to uplift out of Houston Airport. 

A representative from the Houston team had this to say: 

“A major problem we face nowadays is finding solutions to manage the business. With airlines cutting back on the numbers of flights & the Breakbulk market struggling along. It is a challenging time for everyone. We just have to work smarter & find better solutions for our customers. “

Once they had agreed on the airfreight schedule they faced another obstacle. They had to get the Cargo skidding & get it ready in time to fly to meet the flight. As a result of it being the Memorial Weekend Holiday, it was a very short week. But this did not prove a challenge at all as the cargo was skidded in less than a day. All credit goes to the G.S.S export packing crew.

In today’s market, it is all about customer service & responsiveness. Also how one resolves tasks that are set by demanding clients. Keeping this in mind the G.S.S team responded & added another happy customer to their collection. 

Check out the gallery below: 

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