X2 Elite Member Globus Transitos Complete Move of Autoclaves

The experts at Globus Transitos recently completed a massive move of autoclaves from Shanghai to China. And then it was transferred from China to Kolkata, India. Hence the cargo travelled more than 4000 Kms. 

The total weight of the cargo handled by them was a staggering 275,000 Kgs. And the total volume was around 1436 FRT.

One of the major challenges faced by Team Globus Transitos was due to the massive size of the cargo, hence it was a very difficult task to handle the cargo due to its heavy & voluminous size. Another challenge faced by the team was due to the circular shape of the machines thereby making it very hard for stable stuffing. 

About the Company: 

” We are a Freight forwarder with a difference. The difference is you, our valued customer. We provide professional, quality services in supply chain management on time, every time. When your business is on the move, speed is everything. Whether you ship in bound or Out Bound by common carrier often, OR just occasionally, handling your freight may be slowing your business and costing your valuable time. That’s where Globus Freight Management can help. “

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