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X2 Members - Strong Collaborations Across the Pond

2:47pm 27th September 2019





Iñigo Carrera is Business Development of Lantia Marítima, a Spanish company specialized in logistics and supply chain having a wide coverage with its own offices in 4 continents.

Iñigo recently visited the office of Grupo TCI - Logistics Operator in Lima, Peru and they conducted the following interview, in which they talked about the goals set by Grupo TCI and Lantia Marítima; the main differences and its advantages offered to customers and the current situation of the Foreign trade heading between Spain and Latin America.

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- What are the goals of Lantia Marítima and Grupo TCI?

Iñigo - The fundamental goal is to open a market between Spain and Peru, while we get to know our customers. This year Cecila Puelles, Sales Director of Grupo TCI, came to Spain, campaigned for Spain during 5 days and now I come to Peru to try to capture the attention of customers, open that market and gradually increase the volume of cargo.

- Do they operate both the route from Spain to Peru and from Peru to Spain?

Iñigo - Basically, the traffic we are finding the most is from Spain to Peru at 80%, although we have also identified clients that send cargo from Peru to Spain. We have also found that a very large percentage of the charges are decided in Peru. So, from both sides we are trying to attract customers, get suppliers and continue to know the market, with these visits and these campaigns in both countries.

- What differential attributes do Lantia Maritima and Grupo TCI offer their clients?

Iñigo - One of our main added values ​​is the competitive price, a factor that in this business rules many times. But we also want to differentiate ourselves by giving as an added value a very personalized service, providing the right information in the right time and offering solutions. If there is a problem, try to give the solution at the same time that the problem is identified, being very close to the customer. We want to differentiate ourselves by that side and also by an exhaustive knowledge of the Customs and Tax issues.

- What items or business transfers are usually the companies that are exporting to Peru?

Iñigo - We find everything. There are from chemicals to ceramics and some types of machinery. We have also identified that there is an important potential in the publishing sector.

- How do you evaluate the foreign trade item in Spain today?

Iñigo - It is a very dynamic item. Spain has long grown at high speed, both in import and export. Spain, initially, was an exporting countr, then with the boom of Asian countries and, obviously, because of the crisis in Spain, it was changed to import. We were a consumer country rather than a producer, but for a few years, Spain has also returned to that export path and we have become strong in exports again. Latin America in particular is the natural market for Spain after Europe, because of the language and historically the Spanish have long exported in Latin America. I have noticed that all Pacific countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, are having a strong impact.

But I insist that after all this I have commented, the important thing is to find the right companies that strive as we do. And within companies, people. In this case, we have fortunately met Cecilia Puelles and Leslie Mayor of Grupo TCI, who are two Peruvian entrepreneurs eager to do things. We are very lucky to have met, that we have common goals and a desire to achieve very similar goals.