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There’s Something Happening Here

9:09am 11th February 2018





It is a busy time for X2 Elite and we are proud to say that. We have two major activities going on this coming week and both are heavily reliant on member participation. In the coming week all of the X2 Elite members will be receiving their quarterly member review and also receive requests for their contributions to the Q2 X2 Newsletter that will be released this month.

The Member Review is a feature of every quarter. During this process we review what documents the members have submitted as well as review how they have participated and contributed to the network. We also take this opportunity to find out information from members about how they feel about what the network is doing and the direction it is taking.

The Member Review is very in depth and it seeks to get at the core of the functions of the network and help us learn and identify how the members can be supported by the network and what we must do to ensure that they are successful in developing their business. For those that respond to the review, the more thorough and complete the dialogue during this process the more informed we are of how we can do our best to help our members.

The X2 Newsletter is created primarily as a vehicle for our members to utilize for the free advertising space that is available. Members are afforded free space in the Newsletter because it is an excellent method of promotion. The link to the X2 Newsletter is contained in the email signature of each member of the X2 Team. For every email that is sent external to the network and to the X2 Team, there is huge potential for your company being seen and noticed by potential partners and fellow agents. We encourage all of our members to submit at least a half page advertisement for placement in the Newsletter.

As you can see, it will be a busy week here in the X2 staff and we hope that our members make us even busier by supplying missing documents listed int he Member Review, providing thoughtful answers to our questions, and also by providing us with content to be included in the upcoming issue. We seek 100% membership participation in everything we do. The higher the participation and involvement of members the greater the increase in possibilities for the network and for its members.