X2 Elite Member Globus Transitos Transport Machines weighing over 86000 Kgs

The professionals at Globus Transitos recently shipped machines that were used in the production of glazed and decorated floor tiles to Ravenna, Italy. These machines allow the personalisation of big tiles on a large scale. The machines that were shipped by Team Globus was model PH 5211. 

As mentioned above these machines were extremely heavy, each piece weighing over 86000 Kgs. This posed as a challenge during the import of the machines. Another big challenge faced by them was that the inland transportation from the factory to Ravenna was uphill. 

These machines were shipped from Mumbai, India to Ravenna, Italy which was a total of 6,222 Kms. This was a massive move where the 2 platforms of the machines had the following body dimensions: 5.840 x 3.170 x 2.600 mm . 

This move might have proved too challenging to many Freight Forwarders. But the experts at Globus Transitos were able to complete the move well ahead of schedule & with no problems faced. 

About the Company:

We provide professional, quality services in supply chain management on time, every time. When your business is on the move, speed is everything. Whether you ship inbound or Outbound by common carrier often, or just occasionally, handling your freight may be slowing your business and costing your valuable time. That’s where Globus Freight Management can help. 

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